At the heart of the Biotech revolution is the relentless pursuit for better quality of life as global life expectancies increase.

Driving this revolution are life sciences and biotech firms as they race on to find cures for many human conditions.

From mapping the human genome, to discovering the cure for AIDS or more effective cancer treatments, facilities play a key role in helping life sciences and biotech firms find their cures, faster, more efficiently.

That’s where Meinhardt provides a key advantage over its competitors.

With an innovative approach to engineering, we are able to connect scientists, researchers, academia and industry players better through facilities to foster collaboration.

One of our projects, Biopolis at the Singapore one-north research and development hub, was designed to foster interaction through interconnected buildings within a compact campus.

With our extensive experience, our engineers fully understand the unique requirements for biotech facilities including bio hazard controls and biological clean room technology.

Because of our experience working with life sciences companies across the entire value chain from research and development, clinical trials, through to manufacturing and distribution, we know what it takes to design and develop facilities to help companies bring their products to market faster.

  • Civil & Structural
  • Construction Management
  • Environmentally Sustainable Designs
  • Fire Performance
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Project Management

Strategic transformation is at the core of life science companies as they build new business models for the future. To accelerate change, focus will be on developing innovative and relationship-driven partnerships and creating real value for patients. Data is now the currency of life sciences, and mobilizing data throughout the enterprise, transforming work, and using technology symbiotically will be fundamental to advancing digital transformation.

Get in touch today and let us help you transform lives, shape the future of your life sciences projects.

Projects Type
  • Biotechnology facilities
  • Research & development facilities
  • Medical complexes
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants