The world’s top pharmaceutical companies are facing increasing pressures from all sides – rising customer expectations for better and cheaper drugs, limited R&D budgets, regulatory challenges and cost pressures across the board.

Navigating these challenges is a tall order in and of itself. That’s why renowned pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo, Becton Dickinson, Schering-Plough, Beecham, Bayer, P&G and GE count on Meinhardt to take care of their engineering and project management needs across the globe.

With our intimate understanding of the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers such as environmental hygiene, class 100k clean rooms and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), we are here to help you get your projects off the ground.

Whether you are developing a medical devices production facility or a plant to manufacture Peritoneal Dialysis solutions, Meinhardt has the expertise and experience to see your project through.

Projects Type
  • Dangerous goods store
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing facilities (chemicals, drugs, medical capsules & devices, Peritoneal Dialysis solutions,
  • Research & development facility
  • Science Park