Crucial to Meinhardt's approach to buildings is that they work to maximum efficiency in every sense. We utilise the best building technology and materials in the quest for the best value outcome: lasting solutions at reasonable cost. Using technology for the sake of it is not an answer. Meinhardt believes that all buildings must represent a clear response to the need for sound and economic construction.

Our reputation in building and other areas of engineering comes from the use of sound practices, cutting-edge technology and creative thought. We strive to deliver exactly what our customers need, whether in new residential, commercial, retail buildings or in refurbishment or fit-out of existing structures.

Meinhardt provides the full range of design services for buildings of all types and for all engineering disciplines.

This means buildings must be better places in which to live and work, they must be energy-efficient and responsive to the individual needs of their occupants, providing a secure and environmentally-friendly space. Meinhardt is acutely aware of the need to conserve energy to protect the environment.