The value added by replicating a physical asset in virtual form is undeniable

Meinhardt with vast experience in Digital Delivery and Information Management has been involved in the large scale and complex built environment projects with unique AEC service demands throughout the project lifecycle.

Such background and understanding enables Team Meinhardt to provide Information Management Consultancy and deliver Digital Twins with classified information as required for each phase of the project.

Information produced in different forms, General, Geometrical and Graphical are machine readable and will be transformed from Design to Construction and subsequently to the Operational Twins which can be used by Owners, Operators and Facility Management teams.

We offer our in-depth knowledge and experience as an integrated but also component-based service which can be applied at an Organization or project level. We are well versed with the requirements from Public and Private sector and apply high security measures to safeguard our client's information.

Organizational Services
  • Digital Delivery and Information Management Roadmap
  • Digital Delivery and Information Management Implementation Plan
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Organizational Information Requirement (OIR)
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Asset Information Requirement (AIR) Template, Trigger and Typology Base
  • Strategize Operational, Facility Management, Emergency cases, Natural Disaster, Safety Cases, Security Cases Information requirements
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Project Information Requirement (PIR) Template, Typology Base
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Exchange Information Requirement (EIR) Template, Typology Base, Parties Base
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Tender Assessment Forms and Evaluation process
  • Consultancy and Delivery of Common Data Environment (CDE) setup and protocol
  • Organizational Training
Project-wide Services
  • Information Management and Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of Information needed
  • Tender Assessment strategy, forms and evaluation
  • Consultancy on Existing Assets and Infrastructure Survey
  • Digital Delivery Execution Plan
  • Digital Delivery Implementation Plan
  • Digital Delivery Mobilization
  • Digital Data Protocols
  • COBie planning and Delivery (Existing Asset / New Asset)
  • Recorded Package Development (Existing Asset / New Asset)
  • Digital Twin development (Existing Asset / New Asset)