Major sports complexes around the world are built for hosting major sports competitions like the Olympics or World Cup or as sports facilities for the local community.

These sporting behemoths often stand out in communities where they are located due to their sheer size and the foot traffic they bring during major sporting events.

They bring along with them their fair share of controversy, with many questioning whether the large price tag justifies the ROI. Many such facilities also end up being white elephants that are only used occasionally for large sports events.

New models of operating major sports complexes have emerged to maximise the ROI. This includes designing multi-purpose, easy to reconfigure sports venues that can be used on event days and non-event days alike.

Clever design and use of energy saving electrical and air-cooling systems can result in huge savings in running costs. Computer programmes also enable our designers and engineers to simulate fire evacuations to help us evaluate the robustness of our fire protection systems and escape plans.

With experience working on over 30 major multi-use sports complexes, stadiums for World Cup matches, our seasoned team of planners, designers and engineers can help you score in your next commercially successful sports complex.

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