Smart AGRO Urbanism

250 City Road
July 11, 2021
June 14, 2021

At a Glance

  • LocationQuang Nam, Coastal City
  • CountryVietnam
  • ServicesUrban Planning,
  • SectorsUtilities Infrastructure, Infrastructure Planning, Infrastructure

The Master Plan aims to develop the coastal city to become a smart and self–sustainable Agro–Townships to support growth in food security and high–tech agriculture production industries.


The coastal city consists mainly of agricultural land with minimal industry. It is surrounded with major tourist destinations and cities that are rapidly urbanising. The town is in crucial need of long–term Master Plan as current industry and land use is inefficient while it has ample develop-able land that can accommodate neighbouring urbanisation.

Before the planning approach, we raise the question of the city’s future position in the area. As the town is situated in between prominent cities and tourist destinations, it needs a distinct identity as a self–sustaining city that can support neighbouring cities.

Agriculture sector has great significance in the national economy of Vietnam. Central Vietnam is leading contributor to the agricultural sector. The Coastal City has many prospects in terms of high–tech agriculture and food processing. Our approach has three pillars that connects to the concept of “Smart Agro–Urbanism” Self–sustainable agro–city that supports surrounding cities and has a unique local environment with vibrant culture and people.


The master plan provides an integrated solution to create a self–sufficient industrial city that efficiently connects basic urban functions with agriculture and logistics system while utilizing the contextual advantages.

Outer ring of Quang Nam “Necklace” corridor integrates the communities by decentralizing the city center from sub–centers. These centers are connected to form the “Innovation Corridor ” that is aligned with the preservation and use of green and blue network.


  • Tourism and Healthcare District
  • Innovation District
  • Enterprise District
  • Transport & Industrial District

Each district in the innovation corridor provides essential functions that complement the main eco–system of Agro–Urbanism. The educational and R&D sector will provide with innovative technologies and work force while agritourism and aqua tourism will create additional economic opportunities for the local farmers.

The plan preserves the natural flow of the waterbody, to ensure that the city will have a unique and rich environment that can serve the recreational and leisure needs of current and future residents.The Master Plan accommodates future flexibility and adaptability concept which includes plan for reserved land for industrial relocation. It also includes modular neighborhood cells that can be used for future expansions or modifications in the residential areas.